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Oh, Holy Strawberries!

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First and foremost, I won't try to change myself nor my opinion to please any wankers living on this planet. I am a dreamer and of course I know deep down inside that I might not do the quarter of what I wanna do. Second, I am a funny girl whose grammatical and syntaxic mistakes in English make her more endearing. Third, I am willing to buy the dvd of a not so good film just because her favorite actor-crush-mcDreamy is in the film. Fourth, I'm not mean, nor stuckup, nor bitchy, I leave that to others, However, I'm a fan of snark and lurk around ONTD too much. I'm Pois_chiche ( pronounce Poa_shish) and I would be glad to be your friend.
Would you be my would you be my would you be my Neighbour?!