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I don't understand why people say that they have weird crushes. For me crushes are always weird. I mean, in Quebec, not a lot of girls have crush on Rafe Spall or Simon Amstell or Martin Freeman. My newest crush, is really not that well known, someone even ask "WHO?!" on the IMDB board about his next project. 

May I present you Mel Raido?!
He is my new crush and I just don't know why. Maybe it's the exotic charm (half Greek-Half Spanish) or the fact that he do something else of his time besides acting that makes me love him...

Anyway he costarred with Rafe Spall in "He kills Coppers" in which he was the baddie. He also played in a Channel 5 show called "Urban Gothic" in which he was a wolf-man and was mostly silent...and mostly nekkid. With his brother, he owns an hotel in Camberwell, South London and plans to open a tapas bar close to the hotel. Sorry for the picture he has not reach fickle-ish stardom yet...

And to the girl who is going to Lundon tomorrow to encourage Fickle: have a nice trip and enjoy yourself ( and go to Camberwell ;) )